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The Funkin’ Wassels

THIS THURSDAY NIGHT! Private Party for the Local Boy Scouts of America Leader’s – WE ARE STILL AROUND AND STILL MAKING FUNNY ON THE SPOT!

“No Scripts, No Sets, No Problem!” The Funkin’ Wassels, a comedy troupe who perform live, improvisational shows through games, skits, and scenes all made up on the spot. The Funkin’ Wassels love to bring the audience into the mix, engaging the crowd with the fun in ways that other live shows may not. Performing as a team, the Funkin’ Wassels succeed or fail together and hilarity is sure to ensue. Like them on Facebook: facebook.com/funkinwassels, follow them on Twitter: @funkinwassels, e-mail them: funkinwassels@gmail.com, and enjoy them live! Follow us by entering your e-mail in the FOLLOW window at the bottom of this page.

Remember that we can come to YOUR next event and entertain for you and your group, company, corporation, convention, presidential inauguration (but the trip to Egypt is on your bill – we will work in out in the contract details – not a constitution or anything that can be easily thrown away or anything… but a real contract!)
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